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Hi, my name's Chris Gilbert, and I live in London, England.
I've been involved in all things Chinese since about the age of seven, when I saw my first ever Hong Kong film with my Dad!
After watching "Wheels On Meals" I've been hooked...

I have a Diploma in Chinese Medicine, and I practice Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung & Kung-Fu. I've also studied Choy Li Fut Kung-Fu.
One of my passions outside of Hong Kong cinema is food! I love cooking Cantonese & Sichuan food, along with Thai.

Having bought my DVD player in late 1998, my VHS collection of movies has stopped growing, as my love for the DVD format has taken over.
Please enjoy the site, and if you have any comments - good or bad - drop me a line with your ideas, thoughts and opinions here.

A very big "Thank you" must go to my Mum (aahh!).
A Hong Kong film fan in her own right, she also proof-reads all of my reviews, gives me her opinions and thoughts, and is just an all-round fantastic person.

My Dad's fantastic as well - but he shouldn't get any credit for the site, 'cause he doesn't do anything!?
Apart from paying for the internet connection, electricity to run the computer, repairs and add-ons.....love ya Dad!!


28" Hitachi 28W410SN Widescreen TV.
Toshiba 2109 DVD Player
Marantz 4200 Home Cinema Amplifier: Dolby Pro-Logic II, Dolby Digital and DTS.
Eltax Monitor III Surround speakers.
Gale centre speaker (which will be upgraded soon!)


Hong Kong:
Bullet In The Head, A Moment Of Romance, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, Pedicab Driver, Kitchen, and The
Prodigal Son
Magnolia, The Shawshank Redemption, Leon: The Professional


The artwork which is used throughout the site has been taken from the superb Blood Sword Graphic Art Album, by Jademan - the greatest comic publishers in the world.
Although I'm not sure whether I'm infringing any copyright laws by using them, I'll continue to include them until asked otherwise.
For anyone interested in the comics, the American language back issues are still available from comic shops, and the Chinese language versions are still being produced. These can be bought in any Chinese newsagent/book store.


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