Kathy Chau
English: Kathy CHAU AKA Kathy CHOW
Cantonese: CHOW Hoi-Mei
Mandarin: ZHAO Hai-Mei
"Mamma" - Beast Cops


Cadets on the Beat (1986) Truth, The (1988) My Dear Son (1989) Nobody's Hero (1989) Wild Goose Chase, The (1990) King of Gambler (1990) Holy Virgin Vs the Evil Dead, The (1991) Fight Back To School III (1993) Insanity (1993) Private Eye Blues, The (1994) Love Recipe (1994) Don't Give A Damn (1995) First Option (1996) Cause We are So Young (1997) Beast Cops (1998) Nude Fear (1998) Cheap Killers (1998) Game with No Rule, A (2000) Sound from the Dark (2000)