A brief overview of what each site offers is given below each link, plus any other comments about the good or bad points concerning its layout, reviews etc.

Asian DVD Guide 8/10

Possibly the greatest resource for Hong Kong DVD reviews, this mammoth site also features other Asian DVD reviews, and is a pleasure to use.

Sadly, new DVD reviews are added very infrequently nowadays. However, the sites forum is a gold-mine for DVD reviews and news

City On Fire 9/10

Film reviews for a huge number of Hong Kong movies, as well as other high (and low)lights of Asian cinema.

The massive selection of reviews are gerenally written by more than one person, giving the reader a number of different opinions of the film. MP3s, and a lovely layout, make this one to take your time over.

DDDHouse 8/10

Another Hong Kong based retailer which sells VCD's and DVD's at incredibly cheap prices.

Containing more information about each individual DVD, the site is more user-friendly than HiviZone's.
Also, their shipping is much more reasonable, and orders can often work out cheaper than HiviZone's.
However, they don't stock as many titles.

D.D.U.K - Dragons Den U.K. 7/10

Features a big selection of very well written Hong Kong movie reviews, as well as a Multimedia section containing many WAV files from a wide variety of films.

As I've stated before, I'm not a great fan of white-on-black text, and as the site uses a fairly small font for its reviews, my eyes started to ache after a while. However, what made me persevere were the intelligently written, and succinct opinions of the many films reviewed on the site.
The only thing that did disappoint me on my first visit, was the "Multimedia" section, which I expected to include DVD information, reviews, etc., instead of an array of sound files.

DVD Compare 9/10

A massive list of reviews which cross-reference the different versions available across all regions.

Your first port of call when looking to buy a US or UK movie on DVD, and aren't sure of the best version to get.
Also makes you realise how many UK discs are cut, and how many extras we miss out on in the process.

DVD Multi-Region Price Checker 10/10

Price checks DVDs across regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 0 with online stores.

An invaluable site for anyone wishing to get a bargain, and/or check if a film is available on the format.
I make sure I use it everytime I buy a DVD - it's THAT good!

DVD Times 8/10

UK based DVD news and reviews for R1 and R2 discs.

Whilst the bulk of the reviews and news centre on UK and US movies, the site contains some very well written HK DVD reviews (mainly for the Hong Kong Legends label) 8/10

This is a great unofficial site for lovers of the impressive Zhang Ziyi.

Very well designed, and featuring some stunning pictures of the lovely lady, plus a downloadable video section, this is well worth a browse to give your day a lift!

Hivi Zone 9/10

Sells Hong Kong DVD's at a price that Amazon can only dream about.

Having ordered from lots of other online retailers, Hivizone is by far the best.
The ridiculously low cost of the DVD's is partly hampered by the rather restrictive Customs laws we face in England - so don't go using Speedpost!
Read my Buying Guide for more info.

HK Action Films 8/10

An extremely good, American based site. Features a listing for Asian films that are to appear on TV, as well as some capsule reviews of books, movies and DVD's.

Probably the only site with a black background which I could happily browse through without my eyes falling out! - Thanks to the use of orange, instead of white text, the succinct reviews are much easier to read.
My only disappointment was that this is an American site, meaning the otherwise excellent TV programme guide is all but useless to UK residents such as myself.
Having said that, we mostly get treated to Bruce Lee repeats every six months (with all the Nunchuka scenes cut out), so if a guide was written for British TV, it'd probably only run to about two lines!

HK Cinemagic 8/10

A dual-language (French and English) site, which includes movie reviews, actor & director details, and music reviews.

An excellent site, with a rich variety of content.

Hong Kong Movie Database 10/10

THE site for movie info, featuring reviews for virtually every movie, as well as cast and crew details.

If you want to get a variety of opinions on a film you're thinking of buying, this is the place to go.
An invaluable source for Hong Kong movie fans, although the choice of options can be bewildering to new visitors.
As a side note, the site can often take a while to load, or sometimes not load at all.
If this happens, it's best to retry the following day, when things usually return to normal.

K.F.C. Cinema - Kung Fu Cult Cinema 8/10

Features reviews of VCD's, DVD's, VHS as well as information surrounding the Asian movie industry.

A very good site, which has found its way into my heart thanks to its new design. Gone are the difficult to read - blue on black text sections, and in comes a very smart layout.

Kowloon Side 9/10

This site contains excellent reviews of the most recent Hong Kong movie releases.
Some DVD information is included, but the bulk of the reviews are about Cinema releases.

Another site I check every week - it tends to be updated less frequently than most sites - and enjoy reading the very professionally written reviews.

Love And Bullets 8/10

A good Hong Kong DVD review site, updated fairly frequently.

The reviews tend to be a bit short, but they are straight to the point.
The only thing I don't like about the site is the white on black background text - it makes my eyes go funny!

Plum Blossom Federation 7/10

The official web-site for Grand Master Doc-Fai Wong's Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.

You can order books and videos from the site, and get information on when and where classes are held throughout the World.

Radi0active Death 9/10

A movie review site covering a wide range of genres from many film-making countries.

One of the most well-written review sites I've seen in a long while, with a liberal dose of humour to keep you smiling. Along with the US and UK movie reviews, the site features some excellent Hong Kong film reviews.

Shaolin Wahnam UK

The UK-based site for Sifu Wong's Shaolin Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi Chuan and Chi Kung courses.

Gives you course information, contact details and other helpful information.
A must for anyone wishing to experience the extraordinary teaching of Sifu Wong and his students.

So Good...

Movie review site, which includes DVD information alongside award nominations/winners listings for each title.

I'm still not sold on sites which have white text on black backgrounds, but other than that, this site is a great resource for film reviews. DVD information is well written, as are the reviews themselves.

View From The Brooklyn Bridge 9/10

One of the best Hong Kong movie review sites anywhere, this frequently updated site (almost every day) contains over 800 intelligently written film reviews!

I personally check this site everyday to read their reviews, and opinions, of new and old Hong Kong movies.
DVD information is sometimes given, but it's not very in-depth.
My only gripe is that the reviews often contain densely written paragraphs, which could do with better spacing.

Wasted Life 8/10

A site featuring a large number of reviews for past and present Asian cinema releases.

Many well written film reviews can be found on John Richard's very well designed site.
Whilst not abundant, DVD details can be found on many reviews.

Wong Kiew Kit's Shaolin Wahnam Homepage 10/10

Easily the best site in the world dealing with Kung-Fu, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi Chuan.
Hundreds of Q+A pages, answering any question emailed to Grand Master Wong.
Each month a multitude of questions are intelligently, and thoroughly, answered by Grandmaster Wong, and provide a huge amount of insight into Chinese Martial Arts.

What more can I say to praise this site?!?
It's updated in three parts over the course of each month and has articles on Combat application and Chi Kung, as well as providing dates for Grandmaster Wong's seminars and intensive training courses in Malaysia.